(for 4 people)

Vegetable salad


Greek salad with feta cheese


Three colours with mozzarella


Champignon-cheese salad


Chef’s salad with ham


All dishes are delivered to our customers on porcelain plates with decoration, ready to be put on table. The above are merely our suggestions and a sample menu. We approach each and every customer individually. We also prepare low-calorie meals.

Meats, Jellied Fish and More…

Jellied pork loin stuffed with plums, apricots or horseradish paste (1kg platter)


Jellied pork neck in spices (1 kg platter)


Mix of meats (pork neck, jellied pork loin, grilled chicken breasts – 1kg platter)


Jellied eggs in ham (platter for 4 people)


Farmer’s Board (sausages, cold meats – platter for 8 people)


Jellied salmon (4-5 people)



(price per piece)

Croquette with cabbage and mushrooms


Croquette with meat


Croquette with cheese and champignon mushrooms


Beef tartar


Smoked salmon tartar


Tomatoes stuffed with tuna paste


Minced meat rolls served on cocktail sticks


Greek rolls served on cocktail sticks


Eggs in Parma ham


Stuffed eggs


Grilled vegetarian shish kebabs


Poultry jelly